Painting is easier than we think

In our Women’s Wellbeing Group last week we put paint to paper. First with a warm up process of exploring colour and the movement of paint on the page, and then depicting ourselves as a tree. Participants, even those who don’t ‘normally’ paint, found that when the pressure to create something to please others is removed, the act of self expression was both enjoyable and simple. The feeling of paint on the page. The delight in colours. The gentle movement of brush in hand.

It reminded me of all those rules we sometimes create for ourselves about our creative expression are not helpful. How many of us have said ‘I’ll paint… *when* I have done some classes and know what I’m doing / when I have a whole day with no other plans / when I have a clear and mapped out project that I’m working in for some purpose…’.

If you long to paint…try getting out from under all the rules and conditions. Try clearing half an hour, use whatever paints you have and see what comes out. Use cardboard, old paper, bits of wood or cheap canvases. Put on music you love and remind yourself it’s just a brief half an hour to play and explore. You might surprise yourself – not just at the marks on the page, but also the sense of joy and freedom you tap in to.



To experience art making in a low pressure environment with supportive friendly people try one of my Sydney workshops, including the next round of Women’s Wellbeing Workshops as mentioned above. Details for weekday evening, weekday morning, and Saturday events are listed HERE.