What’s your relationship with your creativity like?

Do you take it for granted, only phoning it when you’re drunk and lonely?

Do you ignore it, telling yourself firmly that it doesn’t exist while it looks at you balefully, like a dog that’s been banished to the naughty corner?

Do you keep it wrapped in chains, letting it stretch its legs only minutely, fearing it like some circus animal you know was meant for bigger places?

Do you gussy it up in the Sunday best and parade it around when visitors come, only to ignore it the rest of the week?

Do you keep yourself very busy and full of excuses for why you can’t meet up, ‘forgetting’ to return its calls?

Do you approach it gently with reverence, wonder and appreciation?

Do you check in, arranging regular coffee dates?

Do you remember to be quiet sometimes and let it do half the talking?