Its OK to start with what is close by and easy

I have noticed that I have a tendency as a new business owner to overlook or discredit the contacts and offers close to home – an old work colleague who suggests a partnership, an old workplace that once offered casual work, a friend who suggested a way to get more business etc.
Somehow these ‘familiar’ places and faces feel less BIG and IMPORTANT and glamorous than working with strangers, or building a huge mailing list or the other things I think I ‘should’ be doing.

But who says that’s what I should be doing? Maybe these humble small steps, offered and facilitated by people who already know me and have worked with me before are the way my business is going to grow.

Step by step, contact by contact. Maybe these ‘close to home’ steps are like a plant sending out roots, hunting for nutrients so that I can grow taller and stronger towards the light. Maybe later my roots will grow bigger and extend our towards the Unknown, but even then, they will only ever grow incrementally, nudging from the very familiar and already grown into the fresh empty soil.

Are you also resisting the easy path?

easy-1030467_640Does a small voice inside you warn that only hard slog and chronic busy-ness lead to success? Are you more committed to ‘looking busy’ to keep this puritanical bossy and pushy voice satisfied, than you are to outcomes?

Or is the prospect of success quietly terrifying? Could you be skipping the ‘obvious’ steps that arise with grace and ease because deep down at some subconscious level you know that this is the path to an easy life, a life that you are not wholly sure you deserve?

My tip is to remind yourself that the small and already known (a friend of a friend taking your photos rather than paying thousands you don’t have for a professional photographer, a cousin suggesting their workplace for your venue, an old workmate offering to help in some way) might be exactly the help the universe is providing.
Sure, if you are starting a new business, working with new clients and connecting with new organisations can be great. If you are an artist starting out, a commission from a stranger is thrilling and a boost to your confidence. If you are a consultant, a trainer or even hairdresser nabbing a brand new client that you’ve never worked with can feel fantastic.

By all means do those too if the opportunity arises, but don’t throw away the opportunities close to home, the repeat business, the humble next step, just because they don’t match some predetermined vision of what running your business ‘should’ look like. Instead of being driven by them – like an exhausted horse beneath an insensitive rider – consider stopping to engage in dialogue with the parts of you that dismiss these steps that have presented themselves. Perhaps gently ask them why they distrust and devalue the easy path.

The simple steps to success might already be knocking on your door – don’t turn them away because you’re too busy strategising the next (theoretical) grand move.

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