Celebrating friendship through creativity

In August 2015 Jade ran a workshop for a social group of women who wanted to show their care and support for each other in a creative and fun way. The workshop design featured a range of materials and simple relaxation and centring strategies, to help:

  • encourage participation regardless of what past experience of art they might have had
  • get past restrictions put in place by fear or perfectionism
  • experiment with materials and explore shapes, textures and symbols
  • experience impermanence through staging the destruction of earlier work to create latter work
  • model and encourage acceptance for each participants’ unique personal expression
  • model and encourage a light-hearted and curious approach to creativity and art making
  • bring people together in a cooperative, collaborative making process
  • create a ‘gift’ at the end for the guest of honour and also the host – a lasting creative work to keep as a moment of the day

The group was amazing, the women jumped in feet first and had a great time getting their hands dirty.

Some of the work from the group is below.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating friendship through creativity”

  1. “From many…one.”
    I love the photo of all of the cards together, creating an unexpected collage of unity.
    Looks like an enjoyable workshop.

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