Creative engagement of young people

in 2000, Jade worked on the Warringah Council environment strategy youth art project, culminating in a full day youth environment forum.

Jade designed and worked on a youth community engagement process using a visioning process through creating large painted banners.  The team created an arts materials kit and guidance, to support registered groups to create their expressive pieces. These banners were displayed at the Warringah Youth Environment Forum in the Council Chambers, and used as images within the final environment strategy.

At the Youth Environment Forum, over 100 young people aged 6-16 came together to use visioning and strategic planning processes to prioritise and provide comments on the actions of the draft environment strategy.

Graffiti artists were engaged to create a ‘living mural’ of the day, which evolved to capture the discussions and recommendations of participants – a bold and colourful form of visual reporting to accompany the day’s written records. Jade engaged the local artists, and helped design the pre forum youth facilitation training for volunteer facilitators at the day.